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West 40s is a Writers Guild Award-nominated digital short about five diverse friends approaching middle age from different angles - creative, savvy, raunchy, and mostly single. In their 30s, they’d meet strangers on the Hell’s Kitchen sidewalk and have sex in less time than it took to climb the four flights up to their apartments. But now past 40 they’re all wondering what they want for the long haul - and questioning whether they can still make it up those stairs!

the story

Mark Sam Rosenthal and Brian Sloan are the co-creators of West 40s. Their gay collaboration is the natural outgrowth of a friendship that started over 15 years ago at amateur strip night at Stonewall - “Where It All Began.” No wonder everything they touch is an absolute riot!


Brian is a writer and director known for the films “Pool Days,” “I Think I Do,” and “WTC View,” and his two novels for Simon & Schuster. Mark Sam worked for a decade as a writer/producer for Comedy Central and is also the writer/performer behind several off-Broadway solo shows, including “Blanche Survives Katrina in a FEMA Trailer Named Desire.” After forty-something years of dangerous field research in the gay trenches, Brian and Mark Sam are excited to share the insanity of their West 40s world to those outside the boy bubble.

the team

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